Great News!


We're sold out of confetti!

Thanks for helping us raise thousands of Euro for Yes Equality and keeping lies and hate out of the marriage equality debate. And if any more lies are printed between now and May 22nd, just let us know. Our shredders are waiting!

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So ... what now?


All we ask is that you take a photo of your confetti, or better yet - celebrate with your confetti and post it to Instagram and Twitter with #shredofdecency. In doing so you would be supporting a great cause and helping us to take lies and hate out of the debate.

Celebrate Marriage Equality

Feed our shredder.

our shredder is hungry for lies.

So if you receive any dishonest flyers or leaflets in the run up to the referendum we want to recycle them into confetti. Just drop into our little paper shop at 61 Camden Street, Dublin and hand the lies over to one of our lovely shop staff and we’ll create more beautiful confetti to help people celebrate marriage equality.

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Oh, one last thing. If you see any negative and dishonest tweets about the marriage referendum on twitter - we can shred these tweets for you too! Just reply to the dishonest tweet and add #shredthistweet. We will then print the tweet off and add it to the pile. We’ll also send a tweet to the source of the dishonesty and thank them for their very generous help in supporting YES Equality. We will try (and probably fail) to suppress a tiny smile whilst doing so.